In The Media

Carolina Hoofbeats TV Episode (Nov 2015)

Southeast Equine Magazine Commercial (Nov 2015)

Filming with Modern Horseman TV - To Air Fall 2015

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Training Article for October 2015 - The Horse Spot

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WWAY - Gibson The Alpaca (Sept 2015)

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WWAY - The Trick and Click Pony Show (May 2015)

Top Ten NC Trainer Announcement 2015

YWCA Women of Achievement Nominee 2015

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WWAY, "Extraordinary People Next Door" (Jan 2015)

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Speaking of Horses - World Equine News 2015

Our segment begins at 9:20

Southport Magazine (Jan 2015)

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Starnews Newspaper (Oct 2014)

Holistic Horse Magazine (Oct 2014)

"Liberated Learning" is written by Lauryn Zepeda

WILMA Magazine (Oct 2014)

Our Hometown (TV Show, October 2014)

Hoofbeats TV (August 2014)

SBM Magazine, (Summer Edition 2014)

Carolina Hoofbeats Magazine (July 2014)

Brunswick Beacon (August 2014)

Triple Crown Feeds, LOPE Sponsor (Article, June 2014)

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The Stable Scoop Radio Show (Kentucky - June 2014)

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StarNews (May 2014)

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Stars and Stripes (May 2014)

Horse Tales TV Show (March 2014)

We had a blast filming with Horse Tales at River Neck Acres. Watch a clip of us at the beginning, the very end, and our feature at 13:00.

Brunswick Beacon (Feb 2014)

WECT TV (Feb 2014)

Horse & Rider Magazine (Jan 2014)

State Port Pilot (Oct 2013)

Real Women Magazine (Sept 2011)