"A horse will run faster and jump higher, out of heart and desire"

The clicker is a tool that I use often, the sound marks desired behaviors so that I can add a cue and have it repeated later. I organize clinics (events page) with the horse community to help start other horses using this method, to grasp a horse’s mind will give you more control than any rope. I hope to be an encouragement to whomever seeks it, perhaps add another “tool” to your box of horsemanship and in return receive the same from others. To close the mind is to only limit ourselves from knowledge.

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Clicks of Confidence was inspired to connect and share demonstrations of positive reinforcement with the world. I (Lauryn Zepeda) have been on a journey driven by God and horses that has become more and more clear – a walk that has put wonderful people, equines, and places in my path. Though you will see me focus only on positive training, I encourage every individual to embrace whatever method that fulfills their effort to communicate with their equine partner in a respectful and moral manner.

       What I desire most in my horsemanship is that my horse(s) be soft, relaxed and willing.

Liberty training is a great way to challenge this and one of my favorite forms of interaction with an equine. It gives him the opportunity to voice his opinion and reveals the “honest truth”, if he is with me as a whole – physically and mentally. Then I intertwine trick training, to stimulate his mind and sharpen attention to my cues, there is a great deal we can do with horses beyond riding!  


Philippians 4:13

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.